Pabna University of Science and Technology


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05/06/24 05:42:50pm Preliminary Admission Notice: 2023-2024 ( First Phase) Download
21/05/24 07:40:29am GST Admission Subject Choice Guidelines: 2023-2024 Download
19/02/24 04:23:09pm GST Admission Circular 2023-2024 Download
12/02/24 06:56:06am PUST Admission Eligibility Criteria for Session 2023-2024 Download
09/01/24 01:00:14pm PUST Admission Notice (6th Phase- Last Phase) Download
18/12/23 11:28:11am Notice for the Students of Session 2022-23 Download
04/12/23 12:14:18am Notice for students of Session 2022-2023 Download
17/10/23 10:30:55am PUST Final Admission 2022-2023 Notice (2nd Phase) Download
16/10/23 05:11:14pm Final Admission Notice 5th Phase (Special) Download
05/09/23 10:50:04pm Notice of Commencement of Classes for 2022-2023 Academic Year Download
05/09/23 09:01:22pm PUST Final Admission 2022-2023 Notice Download
26/08/23 11:16:30pm GST Application Guideline of Admission 2022-2023 Download
26/08/23 11:14:15pm Architecture Merit Result 2022-2023 Download
26/08/23 11:14:04pm GST Online Admission Guideline Download
26/08/23 11:13:56pm GST Admission System Download
26/08/23 11:12:00pm Final Admission for 2022-2023 Academic Year on 27-28, August 2023 Download
09/08/23 12:15:08am Drawing exam for architecture department of session 2022-2023, 13 July 2023 Download
09/08/23 12:13:48am Quota Interview Notice and List of Eligible Candidates For Interview Download
15/07/23 04:41:05pm Seat Plan and List of Eligible Candidates for Architecture Drawing Exam 2022-23 Download
21/06/23 03:10:01pm GST Application Guideline of Admission 2022-2023 Download
07/06/23 08:32:02pm GST Admission 2022-23; A UNIT Seat Plan Download
02/06/23 10:00:06pm GST Admission 2022-23: C UNIT Seat Plan Download
25/05/23 10:16:03pm GST Admission Notice 2022-2023 Download
25/05/23 10:14:49pm GST Application Guideline 2022-2023 Download
25/05/23 10:14:40pm Eligibility criteria of admission : 2022-2023 Download
25/05/23 10:09:12pm GST Admission 2022-23: B UNIT Seat Plan Download