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Md. Rafiqul Islam

B.Sc (Hons.) and M.Sc (Thesis) in Applied Mathematics (KU), M.Phil (PUST) 

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Pabna University of Science and Technology

Pabna, Bangladesh

Contact Information

+8801717744772  (Personal) (Office) (Personal)

Total Publications: 12

Total Publications (12)


Teaching Experience (3)

  • Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Pabna-6600, Bangladesh (From Nov. 25, 2016 to April 1, 2024).
  • Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Pabna University of Science and Technology, Pabna-6600, Bangladesh (From Nov. 25, 2014 to Nov. 24, 2016).
  • Lecturer, Department of Applied Mathematics, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (From July 30, 2013 to November 24, 2014)

Research Interests (1)

  • Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Analysis.

Journal Articles (11)

  • Md. Rafiqul Islam, Sk. Reza-E-Rabbi, Md. Yousuf Ali, Md. Mehedi Hasan Rasel, Sarder Firoz Ahmmed, “Numerical simulation of mass and heat transport phenomena of hydromagnetic flow of Casson fluid with sinusoidal boundary conditions”. Engineering Reports, Wiley, 2023, Pages: 1-26. (Index: Impact factor: 2.0, Scopus, ISI, ISSN: 2557-8196).
  • Fariha Ahmed, Sk Reza-E-Rabbi, Md. Yousuf Ali, Lasker Ershad Ali, Ariful Islam, Md. Azizur Rahman, Raju Roy, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Sarder Firoz Ahmmed, “Numerical modeling of a MHD non-linear radiative Maxwell nano fluid with activation energy”. Heliyon 10 (2024), (Index: Impact factor: 4.0, PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, ISSN: 2405-8440).
  • Md. Rafiqul Islam, Rajib Biswas, Mehedy Hasan, Mohammad Afikuzzaman, Sarder Firoz Ahmmed, “Modeling of MHD Casson Fluid Flow Across an Infinite Vertical Plate with Effects of Brownian, Thermophoresis, and Chemical Reactivity”. Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, 2024, (Index: Impact factor: 2.9, Scopus, Zentralblatt Math, ISSN: 2191-4281, 2193-567X).
  • Rajib Biswas, M.S. Hossain, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Sarder Firoz Ahmmed, S.R. Mishra, Mohammad Afikuzzaman“Computational treatment of MHD Maxwell nanofluid flow across a stretching sheet considering higher order chemical reaction and thermal radiation”. Journal of Computational Mathematics and Data Science, (ISSN: 2772-4158) 2022, Vol.-4, 100048.
  • S.M. Arifuzzaman, Md. Farid Uddin Mehedi, Abdullah Al-Mamun, Pronab Biswas, Md. Rafiqul Islam and Md. Shakhaoath Khan, “Magnetohydrodynamic micropolar fluid flow in presence of nanoparticles through porous plate: A numerical study”. International Journal of Heat and Technology,(ISSN: 0392-7864) 2018, Vol.-36, Issue-3, Pages: 936-948.
  • Md. Rafiqul Islam and Harun-Or-Roshid, “Application of Generalized Kudryashov Method to the Burger Equation”. International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology, (ISSN 2231-5373) 2016, Vol.- 38, Issue-2, Pages: 111-113.
  • Md. Rafiqul Islam and Harun-Or-Roshid, “Application of exp(-φ (ξ))-expansion method for Tzitzeica type nonlinear evolution equations”.Journal for Foundations and Applications of Physics, (ISSN 2394-3688) 2017, Vol.- 4, Issue-1, Pages: 08-18.
  • Md. Nur Alam , Md. Mashiar Rahman , Md. Rafiqul Islam and Harun-Or-Roshid, “Application of the new extended (G′/G)-expansion method to find exact solutions for nonlinear partial differential equation”. Computational Methods for Differential Equations (ISSN 2383-2533) 2015, Vol.- 3, Issue-1, Pages: 59-69.
  • Md. Asaduzzaman, Md. Rafiqul Islam and Ariful Islam, “ Transient Heat Transfer Flow along a Vertical Plate with induced Magnetic Field. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research,(ISSN 2229-5518 ) 2016, Vol.- 7, Issue-10, Pages: 2091-2103.
  • Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md. Asaduzzaman, Md. Mahmud Alam, “ Hall Current Effects On One Dimensional Unsteady MHD Micropolar Fluid Flow Past An Impulsive Started Plate”. International Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research, (ISSN 2394-3386) 2015, Vol.- 2, Issue- 1, Pages: 79-88.
  • Md. Rafiqul Islam and Md. Mahmud Alam, “Unsteady MHD Micropolar Fluid Flow with Hall Current”. Asian Journal of Mathematics and Computer Research, (ISSN 2395-4213) 2016, Vol.- 14, Issue- 3, Pages:187-208.

Conference Proceedings (1)

  • Harun-Or-Roshid and Md. Rafiqul Islam, Explicit and exact traveling wave solutions of Cahn Allen model using MSE method, 1st International conference on mathematics and its applications KU, 23 December 2015.

Conducted Courses (7)

  • Magneto-hydrodynamics
  • Advanced Numerical Analysis
  • Integral Equations
  • Mathematics of Finance
  • Linear Programming Problem and Theory of Games
  • Mathematical Methods
  • Discrete Mathematics

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