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Dr. Md. Ekramul Islam

B.Sc(Hons.) & M.Sc in Mathematics (RU); Ph.D. (PUST)

Associate Professor 

Department of Mathematics

Pabna University of Science and Technology

Pabna, Bangladesh

Contact Information

+8801718577226  (Personal) (Office) (Personal)

Total Publications: 22

Total Publications (22)


Journal Articles (22)

  • Md Ekramul Islam, Md Motaleb Hossain, Khalifa Mohammad Helal, Udoy S. Basak, Rajandra Chadra Bhowmik, and M. A. Akbar. "Solitary wave analysis of the Kadomtsev–Petviashvili model in mathematical physics." Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 30, no. 1 (2023): 329-340.
  • Basak, Udoy S., Md Ekramul Islam, and Sulimon Sattari. "Inferring interaction domains of collectively moving agents with varying radius of influence." AIP Advances 13, no. 3 (2023): 035312.
  • Yiasir Arafat SM, Fatema K, Rayhanul Islam SM, Islam M, Ali Akbar M, Osman MS. The mathematical and wave profile analysis of the Maccari system in nonlinear physical phenomena. Optical and Quantum Electronics. 2023 Feb;55(2):1-6.
  • Yao, Shao-Wen, Md Ekramul Islam, Md Ali Akbar, Mohamed Adel, and Mohamed S. Osman. "Analysis of parametric effects in the wave profile of the variant Boussinesq equation through two analytical approaches." Open Physics 20, no. 1 (2022): 778-794.
  • Kaniz Fatema, Md. Ekramul Islam, S.M. Yiasir Arafat, M. Ali Akbar, Solitons’ behavior of waves by the effect of linearity and velocity of the results of a model in magnetized plasma field, Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science, 2022 (In press). Publisher: Elsevier.
  • K Fatema, ME Islam, M Akhter, MA Akbar, M Inc, Transcendental surface wave to the symmetric regularized long-wave equation, Physics Letters A, 128123 (2022). Publisher North-Holland.
  • SM Arafat, K Fatema, M Islam, MA Akbar, Promulgation on various genres soliton of Maccari system in nonlinear optics. Optical and Quantum Electronics, 2022, 54 (4), 1-18. Publisher: Springer US.
  • MRA Fahim, PR Kundu, ME Islam, MA Akbar, MS Osman, Wave profile analysis of a couple of (3+ 1)-dimensional nonlinear evolution equations by sine-Gordon expansion approach, Journal of Ocean Engineering and Science, 2021,
  • M Islam, MA Akbar, Study of the parametric effects on soliton propagation in optical fibers through two analytical methods. Optical and Quantum Electronics, 2021, 53 (10), 1-20
  • Y.-M. Chu, MRA Fahim, PR Kundu, ME Islam, MA Akbar, M Inc, Extension of the sine-Gordon expansion scheme and parametric effect analysis for higher-dimensional nonlinear evolution equations, Journal of King Saud University, 33(2021): 101515
  • PR Kundu, H Almusawa, MRA Fahim, ME Islam, M A Akbar, MS Osman,Linear and nonlinear effects analysis on wave profiles in optics and quantum physics, Results in Physics, 2021; 23: 103995.
  • HK Barman, ME Islam, MA Akbar, A study on the compatibility of the generalized Kudryashov method to determine wave solutions, Propulsion and Power Research, 2021;10(1): 95-105
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  • ME Islam, PR Kundu, MA Akbar, KA Gepreel, H Alotaibi , Study of the parametric effect of self-control waves of the Nizhnik-Novikov-Veselov equation by the analytical solutions, Results in Physics, 2021; 22:103887
  • PR Kundu, MRA Fahim, ME Islam, MA Akbar, The sine-Gordon expansion method for higher-dimensional NLEEs and parametric analysis, Heliyon, 2021
  • MT Islam, ME Islam, MA Akbar, Searching closed form analytic solutions to some nonlinear fractional wave equations, Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 2021
  • MEI, MA Akbar (2020), Stable wave solutions to the Landau-Ginzburg- Higgs equation and the modified equal width wave equation using the IBSEF method, Arab Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 27 (1), 270-278.
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  • R Islam, K Khan, MA Akbar, ME Islam, MT Ahmed (2015), Traveling wave solutions of some nonlinear evolution equations, Alexandria Engineering Journal 54 (2), 263-269
  • R Islam, K Khan, MA Akbar, E Islam (2013), Enhanced (G 0/G)-expansion method to find the exact complexiton soliton solutions of (3+ 1)-dimensional Zakhrov–Kuznetsov equation, Global J Sci Front Res 13 (8)
  • ME Islam, K Khan, MA Akbar, R Islam (2013),Enhanced (G'/G)-expansion method to find the exact solutions of nonlinear evolution equations in mathematical physics,Int. J. Part. Differ. Equat. Appl 1, 6-12
  • ME Islam, K Khan, MA Akbar, R Islam (2013),Traveling Wave Solutions of Nonlinear Evolution Equation via Enhanced (G/G)-Expansion Method,GANIT: Journal of Bangladesh Mathematical Society 33, 83-92

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